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Presso Network is your new best friend. The one you want to bring to every event you're attending. It'll help you find peers to connect with, see the event agenda, build your own, interact with speakers and book meetings, all in one place. The best thing of all is that's it's the same app every time—no more endless downloading of new apps and creating new profiles. With Presso Network, you just create one profile. One profile that works across all your events and everyday networking.

Phone showing the profile of a person near you Outline of an iPhone
Phone showing an overview of the people around you with whom you can connect Outline of an iPhone

Reason #01.

Create one profile, fill in all your information and reuse that profile across all events and in your day-to-day networking. With Presso Network, it's all gathered in one place.

Personal Bio

Social Media

Contact book

Share details

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Reason #02.
All your events in one place

Have all your events in one place. We have made a single overview that shows all the events you have already, or will be attending with Presso Network.

See all your upcoming events

Look back at the events you have attended

Keep networking after the event has ended

See the new events you have been invited to

Phone showing the full event schedule Outline of an iPhone
Phone showing the details of an event Outline of an iPhone

Reason #03.
See the event schedule and build your own.

Browse the event's full schedule, see each session in detail, find the link to the virtual session, see the speakers and panellist, build your own schedule, all in one place.

See the full schedule of the event

Build your own event schedule

See all speakers and ask questions

Get notified before sessions start

Phone showing an overview of attendees at an event Outline of an iPhone

Reason #04.
Network with peers before, during and after events

See all your peers who will attend the event together with you. See their profile, send them a message, plan a meeting, and connect on Social Media. It's all there for you to get the most out of the event and meet some great and valuable new connections.

See the profile of all attendees

Connect and share your contact details

Connect on Social Media

Reach out and plan meetings

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