How Presso Works

We bring the value of networking back to your events.
So you can start monetising them again. Simply Every attendee has a single profile on the Presso App that works across all events. Everywhere It's all their information, entered once, in one place, to be used at both events and conferences, and everyday networking.

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The Presso App showing the details of a posted event on an iPhone

Host your events on Presso Network.

Virtually, On-Premise or Hybrid

We extend physical locations to digital rooms governed by the same program used in on-premise events. Being an attendee means being able to reach out, connect and network with any other attendee. Before, during and after the event, in the same way they would normally do it in person.

The Presso Network app was initially made purely for physically events on-premise, which is still the core of our services. Unlike most event apps, we don't sell you a shell for a ridiculous amount of money. No, we cut it to the bone, reimagined the event app and the experience from a user perspective, and then, we build the Presso network app. A simple and powerful place for all events and attendees. No longer do they need to download and get used to a new app, set up a new profile and create the same over and over again for every event. Give your attendees the power of the Presso Network app, and they download one app, set up one profile, and use just one app for all their future events.

It turns out that what is missing from the digital world, and what we saw during the COVID-19 pandemic, is the value of human networking and interactions. Networking is also the single most valuable thing for your attendees to come to your events. What we also saw was the lack of proper networking with digital tools. Surprisingly, what is needed to fix that is the same simple networking app they are used to. Let your audience engage with your content, the speakers and each other. Bring back the value of networking again; before, during, and after the event.

Another outcome of the pandemic, is a change to something whichc is not new, but might become more normal. The hybrid events. Where many people are attending in person and a lot more following the content virtaully. In fact:

  • It's estimated that 73% of venues will need to reduce capacity by 40% or more to adhere to social distancing measures.
  • 46% of all venues would need to go one step further and reduce their capacity by more than half.
  • Overall, that means that 59% of venues would not break even with these reduced capacities.

It's clear that hybrid event is the most powerful tool that event organisers can use to keep their events thriving this year.

  • Monetise virtual events.
  • Let your attendees network before, during and after the event.
  • Market and monetise your recorded content.
  • Send updated and new events straight to attendees.
  • Get ratings on sessions, speakers and the full event.
  • Get a detailed event performance report.
  • Reinforce customer brand loyalty.
  • Reuse your existing video conference system.
  • Experience a no-hassle event setup: our team will do it for you.

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Fun Facts


of venues will need to reduce capacity by 40% or more to adhere to social distancing measures.


of all venues would need to go one step further and reduce their capacity by more than half.


of venues would not break even with these reduced capacities.

How the Presso app works

The key features of the app from an attendee perspective

A phone showing an attendees profile on the Presso Network app


Create one profile, fill in all your information and reuse that profile across all events and in your day-to-day networking. No more do we need to download a new app and set up a new profile for every event we attend. With Presso, it's all gathered in one place.

  • Write about yourself and who you are.
  • Link your Social Media profiles.
  • Keep all your contacts in one place.
  • Share your contact details when connecting.
  • Syncs with your phones address book.

All your events in one place.

Have all you events in one place. We have made a single overview that shows all the events you are attending via on the Presso Network.

  • See all you upcoming events.
  • Look back at the events you have attended.
  • Keep networking with your peers after the event has ended.
  • See the new events you have been invited to.
A  phone showing the event overview on the Presso Network app
Two phones, where one is showing the full schedule of an event on Presso, and the other shows a single session

See the full event agenda and make your own.

Browse the full agenda of the event, see each session in detail, find the link to the virtual session, see the speakers and panelist, build your own schedule, all in one place.

  • See the full agenda of the event.
  • Build your own schedule.
  • Find the links to virtual session.
  • See speakers and panelist.
  • Plan your days and get notifications when sessions begins.

Network with peers before, during and after events

See all your peers who will attend the event together with you. See their profile, send them a message, plan a meeting, and connet on Social Media. It's all there for you to get the most out of the event and meet some great and valuable new connections.

  • See the profile of all attendees.
  • Reach out and plan meetings.
  • Connect on Social Media.
  • Connect and share your contact details.
  • Stay updated if they change information shared with you.
  • The app syncs seemlesly with your phones address book.
A phone showing the attendees of an event on the Presso Network app
Two phones showing the Presso app for asking questions to speakers, leaving feedback and rating sessions

Ask Questions, leave feedback and rate sessions

See all the speakers and panelist, ask questions through the app before, during and after a session. Leave feedback to the organiser and rate your favourite speakers and session, and the event as a whole.

  • Ask questions to speakers and panelists.
  • Rate and leave feedback on individual session.
  • Rate the full events and give feedback to the organiser.
  • Share your thoughts with the organiser.

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Bring networking to your virtual event

Bring the value of real networking back to your online events. Let your audience engage with each other before, during and after the event. No more do you need the inefficient and superficial chat roulettes or breakout rooms where no one actually meets or make valuable connections.

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Starting at just £300 per event and £1 per registered attendee per day, our pricing cannot be simpler.

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