About Us

A strong network is the first step to success. The way we are networking is changing: no longer we want 1000 business cards in our pockets hoping to finally meet the right people at an event. Now we want to make the most of our valuable and limited time and only attend the right events. Presso is a mobile application making finding and attending events as easy as it makes it possible for you to showcase yourself through your digital profile and see the people whom you came to find.

We do all this while we are also providing a smarter and more efficient platform for the event organiser to reach their target audience, attract the right people to their events and optimise the experience for their attendees. All while managing their contacts in a better way and gathering valuable analytics and statistics that they can bring straight to their investors and sponsors and show why they are the perfect fit for them. We give to the event organisers deep insights into who attends their events, what kind of audience they attract and which type of introductions their events facilitate.


Our mission is to make networking and attending events as easy as breathing. We believe that technology should help us find the right people and events so we can spend time on what matters!


Presso is the Smarter Networking of the future. Connecting multiple tools into one seamless product that ensures a better experience for the organisers as well as for the attendees. At Presso Network we believe that we need only one tool that works across all events.

The Team

Kristian Papadakis - Presso

Kristian Papadakis

Founder and Director of Product

Kristian started Presso in collaboration with the organisers of the Danish UK Chamber of commerce. They built together a contact sharing app that was transformed into a fully functioning business tool that solved their pains while gathering the data they need to run their business more effectively.

Miglena Zlatanova - Presso

Miglena Zlatanova

head of Marketing

Miglena, another avid event goer acknowledged the same pains and knows them from an event organizer point of view sitting on the board of PMI Denmark.She is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Marketing professional with more than 5 years of work experience.

Valeria Lisi - Presso

Valeria Lisi

Marketing Assistant

Being passionate about the marketing management branch of her studies, Valeria moved to Copenhagen to pursue an internship in the field and put in practice in a working environment what she learnt.

Advisory Board

Thomas Papanikolaou - Presso

Thomas Papanikolaou

Director and Principal Advisor

Neos Chronos

Thomas is a specialist in strategy, business development, and sales growth. As an advisor / coach / mentor, he has helped over 100 startups progress in their entrepreneurial journey and has joined a select few of them as equity partner. Thomas believes that purpose, integrity and trust are the foundations of every successful business.

Thomas Hansen - Presso

Thomas Hansen

Chief Marketing Officer

Clio Online

An experienced senior marketer that has been promoting and growth hacking SaaS products for many years at an industry market leader in EdTech. Thomas has agreed to serve in the advisory board of Presso. Additionally, as a marketer Thomas and his team has experienced the pains, Presso is trying to solve first hand.