Uplift your Elevator Pitch

"Whether you are networking for a new job, looking for investors or business partners; having solid pitching skills is an absolute must. So what exactly is an elevator pitch? An elevator pitch is a short presentation of an idea or project that lasts between 20 to 45 seconds (typically the time you have in an elevator with someone before the doors open again). A solid elevator pitch can make a serious difference between a seized and a missed opportunity. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your elevator pitch."
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Be Concise

Don’t ramble on, make sure your pitch is easy to understand and has all the important personal and professional information needed for your audience to get a good grasp of who you are and what you are trying to achieve. That being said you, should not rush your pitch either, give people the time to process what you’re saying! A good way of grabbing people’s attention is to start your pitch with an interesting fact or statement which will make them want to learn more.

Lastly, steer clear from using complicated industry jargon unless you are absolutely sure the person you are talking to will understand what you are talking about.

Practice your delivery

Once you’ve put the pitch together don’t forget to practice it as much as you can. Time yourself doing it to ensure it’s not too long, work on your body language by practising in front of a mirror and work on your tone by recording yourself practising and listening back. Once you feel like you’re on to something good try it out on your friends or colleagues and ask for constructive feedback. There may be some things which you may not have noticed that still need some work.

An elevator pitch can be quite a daunting experience due to how short it has to be. Remember to stay calm and try to have fun with it! The key to a successful elevator pitch is preparation and practice. Practising will help you determine what is needed and what isn’t and will help build confidence and credibility for when you finally have the opportunity to pitch to someone. Lastly, here is one of the most popular Linkedin videos out there that

Here is one of the most popular Linkedin videos that we think is worth a watch: on how to deliver an authentic elevator pitch.

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