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" Does it sometimes feel like the ongoing lack of face to face interactions can feel as if making new contacts are harder to come by? As hard as that is, the current ecosystem presents its own set of opportunities in the form of virtual events. By organising virtual networking events, and promoting them the right way, you can be more successful, while showcasing innovation and improving your reputation in a more flexible way. With some key methods and the tools we offer at Presso Network, you can increase positive feedback and participation at your virtual events, and ensure you provide a positive experience for all your attendees. Here is how to advertise virtual events. "


The first key to a successful event, both in terms of content and promotion, is contacts. Use your email contact list to spread the word about your event. Collaborate with your contacts and invite interesting speakers who can share your event on their socials, and whose audience is relevant to yours. Think of your whole network and who could spread the word, this could be attendees, speakers, sponsors, or contacts in the industry. If you know anyone in the press, put together a simple press release, and let them know about your virtual event as early as possible. Make sure you spread the word and follow up, a powerful referral from one of your contacts can open up a whole new set of possibilities for your event.


Using online tools can make a big difference when promoting your event! Think social media, email lists, advertising your event on your email signature, keywords research, landing pages and Presso to promote your event. No matter what virtual event format you go for, giving your users a seamless introductory experience where they can easily learn more about the event, share the event, or connect with others, is essential. With Presso Network, your attendees can build a profile prior to the event, so they can easily reach out to other attendees before, during and after the event, and they can re-use their profile for different events. This will encourage attendees to engage, network and connect, and keep them coming back for more.

Review and Improve

Promoting your events is a process, and you should manage it accordingly by looking at your results and working on improving them. Focus on tweaking or removing what doesn’t work, and providing an always improving experience to your attendees. This will increase their engagement, and encourage them to spread the word. This can also help you attract sponsors and therefore give you more financial or marketing means to promote your events through social ads, press campaigns or brand collaborations.

With such an abundance of virtual networking events, it can be hard to stand out and generate momentum. But by reaching out to your contacts effectively, using the right online tools and always looking to improve the user experience, you can ensure to provide a worthwhile networking experience to your attendees. Presso Network is the perfect tool to get you started!

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