Top Co-Working Spaces for Networking

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" Co-working spaces are on the rise and they are showing no sign of slowing down. Co-working spaces tend to attract innovative tech startups and creative agencies, this automatically makes it a good place to hang around if you are looking to grow your professional network. Luckily for you, many co-working spaces also put on talks and networking events. Let’s take a look at London’s top co-working Spaces for Networking. "

Situated on Bonhill Street, Google Campus is great for networking. They put a very strong focus on their community and host a variety of events in their main space. They regularly have speakers, hackathons and pitch days where startups showcase what they are working on. This is a great place to network if you are involved in London’s tech startup community.

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2. WeWork

WeWork Logo

WeWork owns 47 buildings in London, all of which are home to startups, freelancers and remote workers. They also run an accelerator programme called WeWork labs which can help you meet the right people and find mentors. On top of this, they regularly host a mix of talks, pitching events and networking events. They have all sorts of networking events including some aimed at founders looking for investors. With so many locations across London, there are a number of networking opportunities within the WeWork ecosystem available to you on a daily basis, make sure you keep an eye on their events page!

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Runway East have locations in London Bridge, Soho, and Moorgate. They have a strong focus on their community and host a number of events which are open to the public and are aimed at helping founders grow their startups. Another perk which helps fuel the community aspect of this coworking space is that every Wednesday is “cake day” where they offer free cake to all members! This is a great weekly opportunity to meet other members of the co-working space and thus forge new connections in your professional network.

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RocketSpace operates two locations, one in Angel, London and one in San Fransisco. They have an impressive track record of tech startups which includes Uber, Spotify, and Weebly. If you work in tech, this is definitely not a bad place to work from. They host startup related talks and events every Wednesday and yoga classes on Tuesday every two weeks. Their London location boasts a converted bank vault which is great for a quick coffee meeting and certainly gives you something to talk about!

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No, this is not the oval office you’re thinking of! Located in Bethnal Green, this co-working space caters to creative enterprises. What is great about this co-working space is that as a member you get exclusive access to the Pickle Factory and Oval Space which are music venues situated right next to the co-working space. If you work in the creative industries, this can be a great perk as attending music events is a good opportunity to meet like-minded individuals. Oval Office also hosts their own in house workshops and events for members, again another chance to network with other members.

Visit Oval Office


These London co-working spaces have a community-driven vibe which is perfect for networking. Part of what makes these co-working spaces so good for networking is the collaborative aspect of startup culture, however, the spaces themselves are also run in a way that encourages the building of a community rather than simply having companies using the spaces solely for the physical space. Make sure you visit these co-working spaces if you are considering moving your operations to a co-working space, and even if you’re not, check out their events pages as most of them host free events which are open to the public!

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