How to Lower Costs While Increasing Engagement with Virtual Events

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" The COVID19 pandemic had a huge impact on the way we interact in the workplace. Nearly a year ago, remote working was still a heavily debated topic. Fast forward to today and it is practically the norm. However, remote working is just the tip of the iceberg. There is one key element of this new digital landscape which has helped businesses survive this pandemic, increase their revenue and helped them showcase their creativity and innovation — virtual events. It just so happens that Presso Network has been supporting virtual events before virtual events became the norm and we know what it takes to run successful and engaging online events! "

Aside from safety, there are many other advantages to digital events.

1. Flexibility

With Presso’s easy-to-use event platform, your attendees can easily interact with each other before, during and after your events, building a strong community where every user is empowered to network and connect with other attendees. As a result, your users are increasingly engaged with your content and virtual event and have the possibility to connect with people across the globe without ever leaving the comfort of their home. Moreover, Presso’s team is here to support your success, giving you a no-hassle event planning experience and more time to focus on your business.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Organising virtual events can be difficult, due to costly service providers, fancy optional add ons for your users and unfortunately, very few revenue streams, especially when you are starting out. With Presso’s virtual summit software and the help of our team, you can monetise your virtual events from the start by bringing back the value of networking and by recording your events and marketing your content to relevant users. This will help you increase your revenue and increase engagement while keeping costs low. Moreover, you can keep your users engaged with fresh invitations to new events, and reinforce brand loyalty with exclusive updates tailored to your audience.

3. Better Data Analytics

Presso Network provides in-depth data analytics which would be impossible to gather at live events. With the Presso virtual events app, you can see who attends your digital event, and generate powerful data such as engagement levels at different points in the event and detailed event performance reports. Better data analytics means better monitoring and faster improvements, as you can instantly see the results of your efforts and constantly improve the experience for your attendees and improve the targeting of the audience with better sponsorship acquisition.

While digital event management can be challenging, the potential of virtual events for networking is huge and allows businesses not only to increase flexibility and cost-effectiveness but also collect valuable data that can be used to drive innovation. With virtual events platforms like Presso Network, lowering costs for virtual events while increasing engagement is achievable and easy. Presso Network can help you make the most out of this new landscape and provide a perfect virtual event to your business needs!

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