How To Build A Stronger Network Through Networking Events

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Lot's of people sitting in a session aat aan event.

" However beneficial webinar and virtual events have been during the pandemic, physical events are where you really build your network. Whether you come to meet clients, network with peers, or just to learn from the content, remember; "Your Network is Your Net Worth" - You never know who you might meet, so keep an open mind. "

Here are some tips & Tricks on how to build a strong network:

1. Attend Meet-Ups and Networking Events on topics relevant to your work. Use the Presso Networking App to meet your peers and find people you might never have thought you'd meet.

2. Network with everyone at the event, not just your business contacts. We know familiarity is nice, and people you already know feels safe, but while it's important to keep those relationships, this is not how you build new ones. Friends might be able to introduce you to their contacts at the event, but don't be afraid to get yourself out there and mingle.

3. Ask questions like "How do I get started?", "What should I know?" - these can help turn strangers into acquaintances who can provide valuable guidance about the event or its attendees.

4. Follow up and maintain a strong relationship after meeting someone new. People are often too busy with their phones when they first meet somebody new, leading to potential valuable connections being lost due to rude behaviour.

5. Networking is about exchanging value - don't be afraid to offer something in exchange for what you want from others (which could be an introduction) but never do it expecting anything tangible back - keep those expectations low, and you'll find that networks will grow quickly around you as word gets out that you're good for helping them reach other individuals they might not have been able to connect with otherwise.

Last but not least, if you want to find quality events to attend and build a strong network near you, use websites like Google, Bing, EventBrite, Meetup and more.

Networking events are one of the best ways to build your network.

Networking is all about meeting people, making connections with them and developing mutually beneficial relationships in order to grow professionally and provide help or resources that will further your career goals.

If you're looking for a competitive edge over other businesses that might not use Meet-ups and Networking Events as part of their marketing strategy, this is it!

Stay safe out there, and hope to see you at a networking event soon.

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