4 Killer Networking Tips

"Networking can be a daunting experience, even more considering the current circumstances. With the surge of COVID-19, events have become virtual and networking has found a new home online. This shift, however, can be challenging, which is why Presso Network has prepared 4 killer networking tips to help you be smarter and more effective at networking."
Three people having a conversation at a networking event.

1. Value your Network

There is huge value in maintaining a wide network, and the first step to growing your network is getting organised and thinking about it. Finding the right people to include in your networking circle will improve your reputation and strengthen your business connections, giving sense to your efforts. You will become energised as you will soon find ways further connections can be made within your contacts and how the power of your network can be harnessed. With event networking apps like Presso, you can easily keep track of your networking circle and relevant virtual networking events. You can build a strong and approachable profile other users can relate to and reach out to and re-use it for multiple events on the platform.

2. Plan Ahead

Before you attend a virtual networking event, do your research about topics, speakers and attendees. This is easily done with Presso, where for each event, you can find more information about speakers, attendees, and future digital events and sessions. With a little bit of research, you can guarantee to make the most out of each event. Before each event, also think of what you are trying to achieve and set your goals. Goals can include making a number of new connections, a prospect for a business partnership, or getting a specific attendee’s email so you can connect further. Whatever you set your mind to, having one specific goal will help you focus on achieving it, rather than spreading yourself too thin, and missing opportunities because of it.

3. Be Open and Flexible

Actively networking means being open to everyone. If a new contact is not relevant to your industry or sector, that does not mean they aren’t relevant to someone else in your professional contacts! You can refer them to someone else in your network and strengthen that relationship. A good referral will always be appreciated!

4. Be Persistent and Follow-up

Do not give up! Not getting an answer the first time around is not a rejection. People are busy and there are plenty of reasons why they may have missed your email. Don’t take it personally, give yourself a few days and follow up with a personal and short email. If you are stuck for ideas, have a look at this Muse blog post for some inspiration.

To be an expert at networking, communication is key. Maintain your existing network by sending updates, and sharing fresh content. Grow your network by reaching out to new contacts with personal messages. Use the Presso networking app to easily make new connections and keep track of which events they are attending. Lastly don’t forget to have fun doing it!

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