Our Story

Presso was born out of the frustration that stems from wasting time, money and energy attending unfulfilling networking events. We attended countless networking events without getting the information we expected or making the connections we thought we would be able to make. As a result, we decided to start talking to other attendees and discovered they were having the same problem!

This is when we realised this was a widespread issue within the networking events space. From there, we started researching what could be done to improve the whole experience in order to ensure everyone gets what they want out of networking events. After months of testing, iterations, and prototyping, we are proud to present the Presso App — a fully integrated networking platform for attendees, and a comprehensive event management platform for organisers of networking events.

Our Mission

There is tremendous value in attending networking events as this is where you can meet like-minded individuals who can help you advance professionally. If done right, a networking event can allow you to meet mentors, investors, potential employees, partners, collaborators, or freelancers. Precisely the type of connections which can help you grow your business, finish projects and stay on track with your goals.

However, most of the time, attendees have no idea who will be at a networking event making it harder to meet the right people. Poor event management makes it even harder for attendees to get the most out of networking opportunities.

We want to make sure nobody ever has to waste time again at networking events. We have therefore made it our mission to ensure everyone involved is satisfied with their experience at networking events.

Event organisers can ensure their events are well-organised with our effective event management system, the Presso Business Platform, and attendees can make the most out of their experience with our powerful Presso App.

The Product

The Presso networking app serves two different groups of users: The organisers with the Presso Business Platform, and the attendees with the Presso Personal App.

Presso Business Platform for Organisers

The Presso Business Platform is a fully integrated event management software which allows you to:

• Create and edit your event
• Analyse data from previous events
• Provide a clear schedule of activities ahead of the event
• Send your attendees notifications when specific activities are about to start
• Highlight who the speakers are and provide information on what they do
• Communicate directly with attendees through our in-app messaging service

With the Presso Business Platform, you will have all your event needs in a simple-to-use event management system.

Presso Personal App

The Presso personal app is designed for people who are interested in business networking. The app lets you:

• Create a profile to showcase your experience, skills, and interests
• See the profiles of all the other attendees before the event
• Stay in touch with people you connected with through in-app messaging
• Build a list of contacts
• Access key information about the networking events you are attending
• Get live updates regarding the events you attend through push notifications

With the Presso Personal app, you can turn every networking opportunity into a successful session of business networking!