Brand partnerships are an essential component to successfully marketing your brand. While the obvious collaborators are companies, brands or influencers within the same industry, unexpected collaborations are sometimes the most successful ones. They allow companies that have nothing in common to penetrate each other’s audiences in a creative and clever way. Here are five exciting partnerships that benefited both brands, that no one expected.

Victorinox and Nespresso

In 2018, Victorinox collaborated with Nespresso to create a limited-edition Swiss knife, which is made from the aluminium of recycled Nespresso capsules. With both companies being Swiss, this was a partnership that was both efficient and eco-friendly. The partnership also brought attention to the issue of recycling aluminium Nespresso capsules and reminded customers of the importance of recycling.

Uber and Spotify

Back in 2014, Spotify and Uber collaborated to allow Spotify users to play their favourite playlists in their Uber. Spotify users can select the playlist they would like to play as they order their Uber, so it’s playing as they walk into their Uber. This clever collaboration encouraged more users to sign up to Spotify, and enhanced the experience of existing Spotify users while giving Uber a clear edge over other taxi companies.


In 2017, KFC entered into an unlikely partnership with NASA for the (literal) launch of their new “Space sandwich” burger. You read that right, they actually sent a KFC Zinger sandwich into space! It’s safe to say the media coverage brought attention to both the new sandwich, and NASA’s other initiatives.

Levi’s and Goodwill

In 2015, Levi’s and Goodwill partnered up to make it easier for people to donate old pieces of clothing to charity. Near Christmas, Levi’s distributed hundreds of boxes where customers could donate old clothes or shoes, as long as they are clean. Levi’s gave a $5 donation to Goodwill for every box donated by their customers, showing their own commitment to the issues at hand.

Aloft Hotel and Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue

In 2014, US-based Aloft Hotel partnered up with Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue centre to create a pet rescue program. They had the clever idea to have some of their rescue dogs and pups in the hotel lobby, this allowed hotel guests to see them, play with them, and hopefully adopt them. It was a successful operation that brought media attention to both the hotel and the rescue centre as well as finding new homes to dozens of rescue dogs.